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If I have a dealer warranty why would I need Rental Car or sometimes called Loss of Use Coverage for my car?   The reason is an extended warranty does not include rental car if car is damaged in an accident or some other claim. READ MORE >>

Towing or Roadside Assistance coverage, when added to your auto policy, is an inexpensive way to avoid large expense for a towing issue. The insurance companies typically cover dispatching a tow truck for a flat tire, car not starting, run out of gas and lock keys in car. READ MORE >>

Flanigan Insurance agency has THREE different Guarantee Issue Life Insurance Companies: PRUDENTIAL, KEMPER and Polish Roman Catholic Union of America(PRCUA). Guarantee Issue means the insurance companies do NOT ask medical questions and rates do not change throughout the term of the policy.  READ MORE >>

I was reading an email from Missouri Dept of Insurance, talking about insurance check ups on auto and home, among other topics.  I'm focusing here on homeowners and Earthquake.  It specifically read...... READ MORE >>

In 2017 do I have to have Affordable Care Act Insurance to avoid the Penalty or can a Short Term Policy suffice?  A Short Term Policy is a good alternative it does cost less; although, does not provide the necessary essential elements(such as maternity, pre-existing conditions are NOT covered). READ MORE >>

The open enrollment period is a little different this year, it runs from November 1st 2016 until January 31st 2017.   After Jan 31st, only Qualifying life events(marriage, birth, divorce, loss of job &/or insurance) from employer(does not include failing pay premium) allow a person to be eligible for Special Enrollment and proof must be submitted. READ MORE >>

Many of you may not realize that as a licensed insurance advisor, I also offer my clients the option to invest their money in fixed annuities and fixed index annuities.  Usually it is because people like you, and like me, want to find a good rate of return on their money. READ MORE >>

not exactly, recently(5/16) I came upon an article in PIA trade magazine addressing this frequent question.  If I am in 100 year flood plain and recently experienced flood damage am I in the clear for next 99 years?  The 100 year flood label means that severity has a 1% chance of happening in a given year, not that it could happen once per century. READ MORE >>

Many homeowner insurance companies have stopped writing earthquake coverage in Missouri, other's have placed a year(such as 1960) as the oldest they will permit adding earthquake.  Keep in mind if you suffer earthquake damage and do NOT have earthquake coverage there will be NO cov... READ MORE >>

All Homeowner policy forms(home, condo, rental property and renters) specifically exclude flood.  Flood is another term for surface water, water that is on top of ground from rivers, creeks overflowing or heavy rains.  Flood Insurance protects the home against this type of loss. READ MORE >>

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