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For a direct link to United Health Care's quoting website please go to 1) Home page of this website, then 2) Resources, 3) Other Links finally 4) bottom is  Free United Health One quote.  

This agency offers TWO types of health insurance policies:

SHORT-TERM(non ACA compliant) and the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT(ACA)/Obama care POLICIES.

FOR 2015 the Enrollment Period for the ACA is 11-15-14 thru 2-15-15.  Once 2-15-15 passes the ONLY type available, unless one of the ACA exceptions(divorce/lose job and work coverage/new born etc) is the Short Term Policy. 

This agency's short term policy is written with United Health One.  Short term policies can be written from 1-6 months and monthly payments are available.  Short term policies do NOT cover pre-existing conditions.  They are NOT ACA compliant....meaning covering the 8 mandatory essential benefits. 

Affordable Care Act policies can be written OFF or ON the EXCHANGE.  Only ON the exchange policies are eligible for subsidies.   If an applicant, receiving a subsidy,  under estimates their income the Internal Revenue Service(IRS), will reduce any tax refund by the amount which should have been reported. 


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